14 September 2013


as-sabr or more likely to be known as patient..

Allah Ta'ala had pointed out that one of the best virtue in a person is patience.

Why is that so..?

If we look throughout the Holy Quran, there are always emphasize on patients or the reward to a patient person..

and not from just reading His verse, but lately, i've meet  several people who have indeed been given great reward for their patience..

they are even some who finally been rewarded after a long awaits, up to 20 years..

Indeed, He do uphold His promise..

So, now i have to train myself to be patient, with the best patience possible in everything i work on,  in confronting people either for discussion or the environment that i'll encounter..
the end-result might not be as expected, but i need to try my best in doing so & that needs to come with patience.. as His rewards is indeed in the work done, and not on the resulted out-come..

O Allah, do help me to be a patient person in my every day life...

"..Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account (limit)"

till then..

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