13 May 2018

Recently our nation had undergo what i'll say a major election which caught a great attention from countries around the globe..

Although i'll admit i'm personally glad for the mark of the country history for a total change in the gov.. yet im totally against of taking it as a platform to expose all the flaws/blemish/'aib' of the opposing parties individual..

Its true they have made wrong moves in managing the country.. but to expose further  flaws which sometimes are not related to the country management might just be too much..

 well..i have to remember once we expose flaws of others in this world, He will not assist us to cover our flaws in the hereafter.. 

And rather than talking/searching bad things bout others.. the upcoming holy month is just around the corner.. have we prepare to enter it for a full month...?

Let take this upcoming blessing month gift to the fullest. 😍
balighna Ramadhan...

10 April 2018

Today marks the 4th nite i'll be snoozing at d hosp..

If possible.. which i hope so since i've kept on having trouble to have a night rest forvthe past few days from d day i've been admitted in..

Does it related to all d meals ive bern consuming at d hosp..? 🤔
As it seem i might ate just toO far off from my usual daily meal..
but to think of it again, should'nt d more meal im tucked in, will make it easier for me to fall asleep..

Who knows.. perhaps thinking bout these nonesense thoughts might have just kept me awake..

Ok.. now trying to make myself sleepy..

Nite2.. 😴

25 October 2017

'Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your compensation on the Day of Resurrection..' (3:185) 

I came across news of deaths almost weekly;  friends of either side of my parents, colleague's relatives, friends..

Latest was when a hubby of a colleague, whom I acknowledge as a friend and sister though she is my superior, went to rest peacefully at dawn after battling thru his illness with numerous chemotherapy and medications for more than a year..

Leaving behind a wife to be a mother to 5 toddlers is certainly a challenge.. 

May Allah bestow His Blessings to my friend. to give strength and assurance in her heart to face the ongoing life without having a partner by the side..

Death is certainly a deep reminder..

For me to reflect on all my doings..

20 August 2017

While I was on my way back after working for +/- 8hours, the gloomy sky burst and drops of rain pour..

This of course further contributes to the rush hour traffic flow..

one might think it should not  bother me anymore since i had pass thru 'jem' & flood for more than 6 years.. yet, it may still trigger fearsome for the car while racing thru the still water..

While stuck in a traffic, decided to on the radio.. and  a reminder was given, certainly meant for me to remember..
; everyting that happen is a test.. be it a good thing or a bad thing..

There are test which many might see it as blessing,  such as having highly paid income.. 

And there are test which are always seen as test, such as going bankrupt or failed marriage or involved in car crash..

So, everything that occur, that we face is a test..

He, the All Mighty God, created us to test us.. so that from each of the test, either good or bad, we will realise His existence,  His Greatness..;
all the 99 names of Allah attributes..

~till then..

5 August 2017

In our daily work life, we often strive to to do the appointed 'job' in such to ensure  the monthly income we receive is from a honest way..

Did it ever occur that notes (money) that we thought will ensure stability for us to live in this world might just be a false hope..

Attended  several talks & seminars, I have to conclude that these dollar notes will fail us one day.. have to keep the savings in gold form..

As what was practiced by our beloved prophet (pbuh), every transaction in buy-sell was done using the physical gold form..

One might say, that was just an old fashion way.. now we have the dollar notes (each country has its own dollar).. but do know, since these dollar notes are in printed paper form, it can easily be destroyed by either tearing it or burnt it..

inflation will also occur in a country if it prints too much of its dollar notes.. and with our current era,  the currency exchange will also affect each country finance..

However, if the savings are done in physical gold form,  despite the currency drop nor tragedy that occur at it such has burnt, its value can still be use. Looking at the market trend, the price of the physical gold has increase yearly.. it might fall for a few months. But it will rise even higher later..

comparing its value a decade ago, the price has increase more than 1.5% as of today..

So one might just try to change its savings in gold as many as possible..

*just a thought

10 May 2017

In about a fortnight time, the long awaited blessful month will be greeting us.. and one do highly hope to be given the opportunity to do so 😊

its so true that waiting is hard.. though waiting will usually annoyed or irritate one, but for this special month, one is willing to wait to greet and live in it yearly long..

~smiling for the coming month 😄

6 May 2017

In the name of The All Mighty One..

I just realised this evening.. this year has its own 'anniversary' in my life.. it marked a decade  of its birth  to me..  Where usually any celebration in relation to birth are something most people look forward to and placing it as an annual celebration..

Yet, to me.. its birth has changed my life in the past.. present.. and im forely sure.. the future.. though its birth was only certified a year later.. but its presence of the so called 'ever-lasting' has somehow changed me in seeing and accepting to keep on living..

The opportunity in exceeling was thrown far away from wihin reach and it blew off the desire to route on as it seem to keep on only as a dream..

Wondering on the need to keep breathing.. when all life gives is suffocating..

O my Beloved Lord, if its destined for me to live.. do give me the strength and persistence to continue on..
If its my fate to end, do bless me with Ur Ever-lasting Love & Forgivenes.. for Ur humble servant is a lone soul, withou nearby tree  that'll shade on..

15 January 2017

in life, there's always the silver lining in everything that happen..

everything each of us went thru, i'm certain portrayed this..

initially what occurred may be to our dislike, yet later on it was actually the best for us.. 

confirming to His say in chapter 2, verse 216 of the Holy Quran..

'And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know' (2:216)

Whenver what was supposed to be good felt very challenging, always remember..

~an arrow can only be shot by pulling its backwards..

If life seem to be pulling us backwards, it certainly meant to launch us even further & better..

*sumthin i 'learned' from a video shared to me

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