10 May 2017

In about a fortnight time, the long awaited blessful month will be greeting us.. and one do highly hope to be given the opportunity to do so 😊

its so true that waiting is hard.. though waiting will usually annoyed or irritate one, but for this special month, one is willing to wait to greet and live in it yearly long..

~smiling for the coming month 😄

6 May 2017

In the name of The All Mighty One..

I just realised this evening.. this year has its own 'anniversary' in my life.. it marked a decade  of its birth  to me..  Where usually any celebration in relation to birth are something most people look forward to and placing it as an annual celebration..

Yet, to me.. its birth has changed my life in the past.. present.. and im forely sure.. the future.. though its birth was only certified a year later.. but its presence of the so called 'ever-lasting' has somehow changed me in seeing and accepting to keep on living..

The opportunity in exceeling was thrown far away from wihin reach and it blew off the desire to route on as it seem to keep on only as a dream..

Wondering on the need to keep breathing.. when all life gives is suffocating..

O my Beloved Lord, if its destined for me to live.. do give me the strength and persistence to continue on..
If its my fate to end, do bless me with Ur Ever-lasting Love & Forgivenes.. for Ur humble servant is a lone soul, withou nearby tree  that'll shade on..

15 January 2017

in life, there's always the silver lining in everything that happen..

everything each of us went thru, i'm certain portrayed this..

initially what occurred may be to our dislike, yet later on it was actually the best for us.. 

confirming to His say in chapter 2, verse 216 of the Holy Quran..

'And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know' (2:216)

Whenver what was supposed to be good felt very challenging, always remember..

~an arrow can only be shot by pulling its backwards..

If life seem to be pulling us backwards, it certainly meant to launch us even further & better..

*sumthin i 'learned' from a video shared to me

2 January 2017

honestly, i prefer talking & writing in english compare to the national language.. its not that i think highly of myself..

 but its because of  the multinational language ('term') is different based on states.. and since im not a a person to remember & learn language easily.. and if i talk in the national lang according to what i was thought.. people will look up on me as 'stringent' or too precise .. 

well.. let people think what they want i guess.. hmm..

18 December 2016

whenever our sight come across a picture or in real life scene view, we often made our conclusion instantaneously confirming to the famous saying 'a picture worth a thousand words'..

this kind of 'trick' might come in handy in some situations..

for instance; when we are invited to accompany one of our family member;  mum or sis, to an event that we totally disliked/disagree with.. and when photos are taken,  for the sake to keep the one we're attending with feel at ease..we somehow have to look we're enjoying it..

sounds familiar.. ? Its all just illusions to cover the hard core reality it overlay.. this is somewhat i've learn to practise in situations that deemed necessity..

well, to bleached my view.. just to remind myself.. instead of concluding whatever was seen to confirm the saying 'a picture portrays a thousand words..'..
Need to also  keep in mind this useful saying.. 'don't judge a book by its cover..'

-till then-

*this what happens if i don't have my pets to hear my ramblings.. huh

17 December 2016

In all, the 'tenure' back in melb., one will always remember 1 thing, which is to appreciate all friends regardless of religion and rank..

They might be younger or older.. yet each of their presence has somehow spark the colors of one's life.. since one come across various kind of people back while still studying, till now at the work place..

 one  notice there are groups of those who feel they are 'superior' compare to others.. but little did we realise, the life plan that He had placed each of us are unique specifically individual 'taste'.. and the fact that the 'plan' He had made a person to face, might in fact result this person actually be better than the earlier who deemed themselves to be so called 'superior'..; may The All Mighty Protect us from being this type of person..

Ok.. in all.. will try to keep up all relation with friends.. 😊

-till then-

13 December 2016

One might not have medical back-ground to justify any medical posts.. but in the current techno era, with all the e-readings done &  the hands-on experience, one can conclude that auto-immune diseases are preferably  to attack  women..
which says the 'fairer sex'; are not only easily physically attacked,  but also attacked internally by its own 'internal army'; the immune system..

So, if you falls under this easily 'manipulated' team.. just be aware of everything.. not just on the surroundings, but also whatever you're putting into yourselves.. since stomach is the home of all illness.. (makes one wonder, what did i ate back then..hmm)..

Well, take care all..

Till then~

19 November 2016

People may acknowledge me as a norm personnel..

I may look normal, i may feel normal, in the eyes of onlookers, my life seem sparingly as others.. 

Today is a day i've made a promto decision to greet a friend; ex-colleague at her own business site .. Though my goal is not accomplished, the journey through-out is one i'm certainly not willing to replace  :)

the sceneries that greeted my journey, are certainly breath-taking.. It made me felt as if im abroad..; travelling on a holiday..
All Praise to The All -Mighty for giving me the oppotunity to be in these scenes.. enjoying this weekend after being 'laboured' in the lifely work..

This journey also made me aware of the possibility that the ability to drive Gift might be taken away soon..

Whatever awaits me, im putting my whole trust in Him, The All Mighty, Ever -Loving..

-till then-
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