19 July 2012

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools..?

This is one of the scheme that the gov. is considering to approve and come out with the plan for it.

Well, to be honest, there are the pros and cons in allowing students to bring and use mobile phones in schools.

Without elaborating more on it, to allow students to bring mobile phones in schools, here are the few suggestions on doing it.

1. Allow only a a specific type of phone, its model & brand for each student. This is to avoid theft, jealously of other students.. etc.. just like owning a text book. everyone will have the same cover, same book, only distinguish by the owner of the book.
2. and to do so, the price of the phone must not be beyond reach a.k.a. not too costly for some families.
3. The students should only use the phone in classes that need the use of it. Students, even in the univ.,  will be disrupted by the presence of phones in hands during classes..

Despite all, I still personally see although the world has advanced with all kind of technologies, reading and referring to books is still the best option. Okay, some might argue, using the phones, ipad,notebook, reduce the tree consumption to make paper, but using these gadgets do actually cause other environmental problem and, it add more probability of eye sight problem.. 

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