19 May 2012

Vision that plays by it mission, would place one on top of others

This statement is could be seen as true, in one way or another.

Visions are the expectations it sees itself in the coming times..

and Missions are the view of all the  5W 1H questions run in.

One without either of these can certainly be expected not to succeed. This is why we can see throughout the world, each companies, businesses and even schools and colleges would have their Visions and Missions plans ready somewhere in the hallway or at the HQ offices.

While we might see this as new 'strategies' in moving forward in this globalization era, this view had actually been practised by the people of the pasts ages ago..

A simple scene that we can take is upon prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (peace be upon him) was appointed as the last messenger of The All Mighty God. He came upon without knowledge. Yet as he was revealed of the verses and guidance from Him, prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had put on his sight of visions on what he aim to reach, and together with it, his missions on how to gain it. This view was taught to his friends (brothers & sisters of islam), and together, they managed to conquer 2/3 of the world. 

Now, for muslims to teach out the true faith understandings, the muslims need to restart all over again from scratch on understanding the teachings of islam. 

-pen Off-

1. 5W 1 H = Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
2. Islam do not proposed oppressions.
3. Islam do not encouraged of any kind of war, bombings or any kind to hurt the environment unless the people (muslim) itself are being the victims in that scene. And this is only done after peace/justice negotiation
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