19 May 2012

As usual, I would always go to a book store whenever possible with my mum.

As i browse the books, my mum will always request for me to read the synopsis, requesting my opinion whether do I think its a good book or otherwise. I usually do not know what book do I think is a good reading or not.

Well, all I could say, there are many writers out there, who would always write their book and putting Muslims as the criminals.

And there is even 1 book that I came across with, the writer (non muslim) wrote on it view as a Muslim in that novel, and say how he feels towards the Islamic teachings.

My remarks to that particular author:

1. Do not put a believer of any religion to disagree with what their faith lies in if it is you who disagree with their teachings.

2. You should study a certain religion more before you wrote false information in your books and even novels. It might cause disagreement in the reader of what was written.

3. I personally think it is not logical to put a Palestinian as the assassins in the West region. If you're update on the world news, you would know palestanians have their own fight for justice at their place. They do not need to be one at any other place.

4. My remark in 1 & 2 is based on the writings on islamic faith & teachings only. As it was way false altogether, the author might have wrote wrong information on other religions as well in other books.

-pen Off-

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