12 March 2012

11 march 2012

yesterday i went to my good friend wedding.. which is somewhere in perak..

that date mark my 'reunion' with my friends after 11 years apart..

i actually reunite with only 2 of them.. which also used to be my classmate back in high school near ipoh..
and the last time i met them was january 2002.. before i discharged from that school to attend a another one up in penang..

honestly i actually thought i will come across a lot more of my ex-schoolmates there.. and it surprised me when there were only 2 of us there..

nonetheless it is still a great a pleasure to meet them both as there were my good friends back in school..
and i hope we will continue to get in touch further on later..

well, congratulations to my friend who had just tied knot in a blessed marriage..
thanks to my friend who were more than willing to drive me to the wedding reception..
may Allah bless your deeds..
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