3 October 2011

unit 4: pg 23

Behaviours that we see around us have similarities and differences from a person to the other. One of the behaviourist, Albert Bandura, claimed that our behaviours resulted from the way we choose to behave or act. This so called self regulation process involve 3 steps to complete it.

     1st: Self Observation or self-reflection

     2nd: Judgement on the 1st steps to the standards that we either set it on our own or based on the society's.

     3rd: Self Response

While this process was proposed not too long ago, in the 90s, this was indeed been proposed and encouraged in Islam, with a similar process which is known as 'Muhasabah'.

Back to the era of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he had always encouraged the believers of  Islam to always act of the Muhasabah process as often as they could, especially before sleeping.

Muslims are asked to continuously remember, think and reflect on each of their action that particular day.
This self regulation process or Muhasabah is widely accepted by the world.

Thus, islam is certainly advanced in finding the solution to shape and control the behaviour of an individual, before the birth of any psychology and philosophy studies.

Wallahu'alam.. He knows better..
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