14 June 2011

today after an appointment

today is the day i was suppose to meet my doc..

to be honest, i dread every minute of the time which i think as i've wasted everytime i see that particular doc..

if i were given a chance to choose my doc, i will definitely put my current doc out of my list..

let look at this scene for a while.

Doc: Do you feel any pain when you take your injection?

Patient: Well, there are no injection that are not painful. My injection certainly stings when the injection is going on (while the medication in going in the body from the syringe). But after that, there is no pain.

Doc: When i ask you question, please reply either Yes or No only. Every time i ask you question, please give me Yes NO answer.

what do u think when you come across this Doctor and you're the patient..?

There is certainly ethics for doctors world wide..

And when i read thru the ethics code, i certainly wonder, where did this doctor learned her medic from as its certainly does not follow this ethics.

To look at this doctor again, is has a 'smug' behavior.

Let me some of the ethics lay out for doctors in malaysia.

*The Physician should protect the patient's confidentiality and adopt an appropriate manner of communication
*treat every patient politely and considerately 

Hopefully, if you are reading this and happen to be a doctor or future doctor, please take note of the doctor's ethics.

Thank you.

>> Code of Medical Ethics (The Code) The Malaysian Medical Association
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