7 February 2009

and the land grab begins..

it is being said that Europe is where it starts all..
and what about Europe here?

Well, it is the place, origin where the movement by a group that is know known as the Zionist begins..

in the late 19th century, the racist nationalism was emerging.. and this is when the Zionist movement decide to join in and crop up..

but at that time, the Jews in Europe was a minority one and they argued as always that there are the ínferior' race..

And since they were a minority group, and they have a strong desire to profound a Jewish state, they comprehend the need af a support group, or better still, a government. In which they decided that the European government would be the best scaffolding at that time.

They somehow manage to come up with an ideology that sort of like acknowledging them as the forerunner for the Europian colonialism.

The aim of the Zionism was to export the Europian racist nasionalism via a Jewish Colonial project.

One of the Zionist,Theodor Herlz argued taht zionism was a colonial idea..
in his 1986 phamplet - The Jewish State-, he said
"the new nation would be a portion of the rampart of Europe against Asia.."

And the agreement to take palestine as the suitable place to form a jewish state was done after a considerable debae among the zionist leaders.

They were help 1st by the British Government. After 1st world war, the League of Nation's mandate system gave Britian the authority over the Plaestine land. And this chance was taken by the British to migrate thousands of Jews to Palestine in 1919.
It was said that by the mid 1930s, 450,00 Jews have sucessfully migrated to Palestine.

Now, we look at how Zionist starts to grab the Palestine.

It all begins when the United Nation decided to divide Palestine into 2, putting both Jewsih and Palestinian state side by side in Nov 1947. This partition was clearly an unfair to the Palestinians as the land was theirs from the beginnings. And only 6% of Mandate Palestine belongs to the Jews. Yet, United Nations gave 56% of Palestine to the Jews to be made into a Jewish State, leaving the original occupance, the Palestinians 42%. And the remaining 2% was made as an international zone in Jurusalem.

Now, i have to ask. Who were to blame? If UN did not grant the Jews >50% of palestine, then things could have been different.. Allahuálam..

Anyway, after recieveing the partitions, one would surely thought, finally, the jews will now rest.
Yet, though in public, the Zionist leaders welcomed the partitions, in privte they have started to plan ruthless assault on the civilian Palestinian people. This is to make them in control of the majority of Mandate Palestine.

David BenGurion, Israel 1st prime minister told the zionist leaders that they will only be said to have successfully set up a Jewish state when at least 80% Jews is a viable and stable state.

So, starting December 1947 onwards, the Zionist militias carried out atrocities in Palestinian villages nad neighbourhoods, and no sign of stopping since then.

From "The Nakba" phamplete by Anne Alexander and John Rose
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