13 May 2018

Recently our nation had undergo what i'll say a major election which caught a great attention from countries around the globe..

Although i'll admit i'm personally glad for the mark of the country history for a total change in the gov.. yet im totally against of taking it as a platform to expose all the flaws/blemish/'aib' of the opposing parties individual..

Its true they have made wrong moves in managing the country.. but to expose further  flaws which sometimes are not related to the country management might just be too much..

 well..i have to remember once we expose flaws of others in this world, He will not assist us to cover our flaws in the hereafter.. 

And rather than talking/searching bad things bout others.. the upcoming holy month is just around the corner.. have we prepare to enter it for a full month...?

Let take this upcoming blessing month gift to the fullest. 😍
balighna Ramadhan...
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