30 December 2013

last Sunday.. my bro and i decided to attend a wedding ceremony located more than 60km from our place..

well, it was my decision and my bro was there to be my map reader..

we decided to started early as we wanted to enjoy the lunch at that event..

the trip was a shock to both of us.. as there was an event where both of us nearly involved in a major crash..

 i have to apologize to the car i nearly hit.. and thank you to the petrol truck driver who alerted us..

well, to cut it short.. our GPS showed that we have to turn right at at junction.. 

and after turning right, there is a huge truck at the front.. since i did not saw any kind of vehicles on the road besides our car and this truck, my mind automatically  thought the road was one way.. went to the right.. since this truck was really long, heavy and slow..i thought i will never reach in time if i kept on driving behind this truck..

all of a sudden, there is a lour and long horn.. and i was immediately alerted.. there is an incoming car on the opposite site and we were about to crash into each other..
i was so shocked but luckily my shocked alerted me to react fast to be back on the safe side, overcoming the truck..

after the incident we were silent for a while in the car as i drove..

and how thankful to Him for enabling me not to be anxious at that moment,scene..

now i learnt.. to just keep driving even though driving slowly..

its better safe than sorry..
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