28 September 2013

there are various kind of news if one look and go through either the newspaper, or the soft copy on the net..

what really make me wonder, is whenever i read a news, where there are people, the higher rank person, who were then given the responsibility to take care of the people, broke the trust that were given to them..

recently, there are a few policemen/women, who of course, are the group where the society give their trust to them, broke it by stealing/abducting money...

what is sad tho, is that, these people are the one, who are suppose to believe and know the teachings of the right and wrong.. and the honesty and trustworthy are among the principle that should be up hold..


nway, lately i realise, my colleagues where i work, had started to go thru reading and analysing the quran, verse after verse..

and this lead to sometimes, to get us to have a general discussion on what the verse meant and why was it revealed so..

All Praise to Allah, for giving each of us the opportunity to realise our mistake and the things that we've missed for the past 10 or so years..

May He continue to give us the Mercy and Barakáh to enable us to be among those who He Pleased..

till then..

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