24 January 2012

different nest..

There are in fact thousands kind of birds in this world, well.. i dont actually count them, but there's a variety kinds until, one have to open up the book of birds to be exact how many of them are there in this world.. not to count the unknown and undiscovered type yet..

as a general type.. we'll say birds have wings to fly.. and nests to breed..
yet, we often forgot there are some kind of birnds which He created to lack the ability as others bird have..

such as the 'chicken', which falld under the category of birds with wings, but we don't see them fly..

the penguings, another type of bird.. which are cute and adroable, yet flightless..

so do we judge them for their inability to follow the way as other birds do..?

For us to ponder and reflect upon..

as the same goes to humankind here..

In general.. we are born the same.. what more.. if we were educate in the same school.. teachers and peers expect each other to react the same..

but we often forget.. there are people who might desire to be the same as how they were educate to be.. but due to the family that bound them in, this somehow has cause them to halt their desire..

We could just insist on our rulte to be bound by certain regulations..
yet, when the parents, who raise them up, and with the right to restrict them, cause their feet not to run free..

and we somehow, judge them by their action of refusing running free.. when we did not question the reason for their action to do so..

so, yes.. i have encounter a lot of people who were given the opportunity to run free.. and choose to judge others of not doing so, when they themselves does not face the same situation in the same shoes..

why do we choose to judge.. when we can offer assistance to those who are facing the difficulties.. and why do we choose to neglect them, when our presence could help them grow..

so, admit it that although we look and seem the same, yet the nest that raise us up.. and the wings that given us to fly.. force the difference between each of us to exist..
an opition of truth for the reality of world out there..

-pen off-
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