6 October 2011

this morning, @ my work place.. we got a shock news..

one of our colleague (XXX) had died last night, while playing badminton..

this was really unexpected as yesterday at the work place, he seems fine and did not show any sign of leaving.. 
but The Creator Himself said, the death of a person will never be known by us,human.. and when the time has come, our soul will be taken without even a second delay..

one of my colleague, who is a muslim, when he heard about the death of XXX, he could make a statement and said: "Playing badminton is dangerous. I am not going to play badminton ever again."

It is unfortunate to hear this saying from a Muslim, when he should have known.. that despite whatever one is doing, if the time has come, he or she will die..
The scenes that we see causing fatality/death such as accidents and sickness, is just a cover made by Allah Ta'ala in a way so that people can take and consider reason for the death of a person.. 
However, there are certain cases where people died without reason.. as Allah Ta'ala want us to realise , who are still breathing being the witness of this scene, to repent and seek His forgiveness while we still can..
Yes, people usually start to repent and change themselves to become a better person, when they realise, the time of their death is nearer, such as sickness & old age.. yet, we should realise, we could be the one who will be taken to meet Him, in the hereafter.. 
perhaps, in the next few hours, or next few minutes.. and even, it could be the next few seconds from now..

So, why do we wait to be closer to Allah Ta'ala..continuously repent to Him..?

Let's do it right away, while we still can..
making each seconds to be worth it in the sight of the All Mighty..


---pen Off---
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