8 September 2011


while everyone 'balik kampung' for the eid day, this year, our family decided to broaden our walk to the northern europe..

before this trip, i wonder, why did my mum insisted on signing up for tour during the eid holidays..
how did i forget that whatever things that we face in, has been greatly planned by the All Mighty..
alhamdulillah,things that occur during this trip, had made me recall on upholding the islamic teachings proudly..

it certainly has taught me to practice the way to travel as a muslim, as what was learnt back in the kangaroos' land..
nonetheless, it wasn't difficult back then as the society there are somewhat familiar to my life in that country for roughly 4 years..

now, in this europe tour, ranging back from the 5 daily prayers.. to the food to eat.. and to the clothes to wear.. it is not that easy..
especially, if u're d only in ur group that do the islamic practice..

oh yes, the sceneries there are fantastic.. subhanallah..
All Mightly Allah for such a fantastic creations of the world..

as not all scene are managed to be captured digitally, i could only hope.. these views will not diminish from my memories.. as they continuously remind me of the Greatness of Allah, and how little i am.. to His broad wall of Creations..


p/s: there was 1 point, when another member of our tour, asked me, why did choose to wear the head cover.. and is it compulsory to wear it..

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