22 June 2011


Lately, I was given many opportunities to look at how blessings my life is, without I even thoroughly realize it.

Yesterday was a blessings like any other day. A great thanks to the All Mighty for letting me the chance to ate a hearty breakfast, when many others out there, do not have the chance to eat at all.
For the afternoon break, when I thought of saving a few bucks, a colleagues at my work place, decided to treat our department with a great pizza treat, which was delivered at our work place.

The latest sight that had open my heart view, occurred last night,  in one of the 'beary' fast food place, not far from my home. This where I gain my dinner, treated by a person who I has arranged to meet. The meeting with this person, whom now I shall and will call as a friend, was to go thru the friend request to answer few of the questions that are related to the work.

Although it was the 1st time we meet, but after a couple of hours together, we get along quite well.

With the lively talk and sometimes chip with laughter, little did one know, how exactly the life of this friend has been.

Knowingly, after this friend has tied the marriage knot few years back, the partner later, was attacked by the growth of tumor in its lymphatic cells. The attack ran for only 3 months before it took away the life of the beloved partner.

To add with it, this friend's dad was attacked with a  job crisis, which heavily attacked the finance of the family. This may not seem the end of it, yet, there is another ‘problem’ that arise to this friend’s family, to the ever loving mom. The attack of the cerebrovascular accident (CVA) has gain it place in the mom.

Looking back at the crisis that the friend has to endure, I have to questioned myself, if I were to be at her place, will I be able to carryout my life as how she lived?

From the finance background, the friend have a lot bills that need to be settled, all from the previous expenses that were used to help it’s partner in a treatment for 3 months. Know that, each of the treatment are very costly, up to 30K for one (1) treatment.

At the end of our meeting, it made me realize, I shouldn’t have let her buy me my dinner meal. I’m the one who are more fortunate, whom should have treat her instead.

May Allah Ta’ala give her and her family with bountiful blessings, and continue to grant her and her family patience in the continuous trial of life.

p/s: one of this friend siblings is my good friend in school.
-pen off-
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