5 May 2011

Said Ibn 'Abbas, "The Prophet ordered us to prostrate on seven bodily parts and not to fold back the hair or clothing: the forehead, the hands, the knees and the feet."
In a similar hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: 
 "I have been ordered to prostrate on seven bodily parts: the forehead, and he pointed to his nose, the hands, the knees and the ends of the feet." (Related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.)

Coming across  these hadith, make me recall on few ayah in the quranul kareem that portray the 'encouragement' of prostration or sujud.

"So woe to the worshippers,
Who are neglectful of their Prayers.."

"And remember the thy Lord every morning and evening.
And worship Him (a portion) of the night. And glorify Him through the livelong night.."
                                                                                                     al-Insan (76):25-26

"Only those believe in Our revelations who, when they are reminded of them, fall down prostrate and hymn the praise of their Lord, and they are not scornful,
Who forsake their beds to cry unto their Lord in fear and hope, and spend of that We have bestowed on them.."

"..prostrate thyself, and draw near (unto Allah).."

Focusing on the prostration here, one might wonder, why does Islam emphasize on the stand of people who prostrates..

Besides from it bring medical benefit as proven by medical research on how prostration could help one in term of reducing the percentage of getting headache and muscle spams, there's His revelations that we are closer to Him when our forehead touches the ground..

Looking back at our praying sequence, upon arising up from the ruku', we recite "samiAllahulimanhamidah" (Allah hears to those who praised Him), and the respond to this remark is "Rabbana lakal hamd' (Our Rabb, praise be to You only)..

which then follow by our prostration to Him..

After our appraisel to Allah Ta'ala and we follow by our prostration, signify our humbleness to the All Mighty and the show of 'repect' and love to Him.

This is why, He hear closely to those who supplicate or even pour its heart out to Him in the prostration... for He appreciate His servants who praises Him..

However, its is bad because in todays world, people do not understand what their recitation mean in their prayer.. it is just taken as some sort of body movement each day, 5 times a day..
where the prostrations do not bring any effect in the people when they did it..

Personally, i feel its a great loss if one did each prayer just by the body movements, without the hearts anticipation..

>> reminder to me.. on how do i do in each of my prayer to You, my Lord.. <<

-pen off-
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