13 February 2009

servants of the Most Merciful..

To lead back to the 13 characteristics of abidurRahman discussed couple of weeks ago..

1. walk upon the earth easily - gently with dignity but without arrogance
2. when ignorant are being addresses to them harshly, they replied saying the words of peace.
3. those who spent part of their night prostrating and standing in prayer to Him
4. those who supplicates with "Our Lord, avert us the punishment of Hell"
5. those who spend(infaq), do not do it excessively or sparingly, but are justly moderate.
6. those who do not invoke Allah with another diety ( x mensyirikkan Allah - kecil atau besar)
7. those who do not kill any soul which Allah forbidden to be killed, except by right
8. those who do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse
9. those who repents and does rightoues deeds
10.those who do not satisfy to falsehood
11.those who pass by with dignity upon passing by near ill speech(perbuatan x berfaedah)
12.those who are reminded the verses of Allah, do not fall upon them deaf and blind
13.those who say "Our Lord, grant us from among our partner and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us a leader(example) for the righteous."

lets us try that this checklist of being an abid to Allah are marked all in time..

::this is listed by Him in al-furqan:63-74
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