5 August 2017

In our daily work life, we often strive to to do the appointed 'job' in such to ensure  the monthly income we receive is from a honest way..

Did it ever occur that notes (money) that we thought will ensure stability for us to live in this world might just be a false hope..

Attended  several talks & seminars, I have to conclude that these dollar notes will fail us one day.. have to keep the savings in gold form..

As what was practiced by our beloved prophet (pbuh), every transaction in buy-sell was done using the physical gold form..

One might say, that was just an old fashion way.. now we have the dollar notes (each country has its own dollar).. but do know, since these dollar notes are in printed paper form, it can easily be destroyed by either tearing it or burnt it..

inflation will also occur in a country if it prints too much of its dollar notes.. and with our current era,  the currency exchange will also affect each country finance..

However, if the savings are done in physical gold form,  despite the currency drop nor tragedy that occur at it such has burnt, its value can still be use. Looking at the market trend, the price of the physical gold has increase yearly.. it might fall for a few months. But it will rise even higher later..

comparing its value a decade ago, the price has increase more than 1.5% as of today..

So one might just try to change its savings in gold as many as possible..

*just a thought

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