3 March 2016

My online research shows that on average, my lifespan is roughly about 2/3 of a  normal person..

I know i'm not getting any younger.. thus i have to prepare to face the hereafter as my top priority..

It seems most patients with this disease will have difficulties with the limbs, eye coordination, blance, etc..  which controls the body movement; the walk the . and i've faced it several times previously & currently..

Thus for it, i'm grateful to All Mighth Allah for still giving me the chance to walk (though occadionally look ackward) & sometimes a slow jog.. when many others out there have loose this gift

I'm determine not to loose the battle with  this somewhat ironic disease..

I've to watch my meals (trying to follow DrTerry Wahls's meal plan) & i have to force myself to keep on fit with exercising, even with difficulties..

And since i may not have the opportunity for a standard lifetime, i need to make full use of the time i still have..

😊 **keep on swimming**

-till then-

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