27 April 2014

As i was browsing thru the net, i came across a 'tittle' that said 'is Jesus God?'

Out of curiosity, i clicked on the link... and read through on why jesus christ is believed to be a god..

just to respond to the 'article' , Jesus attributes, characteristics, which had made him look up on, were actually portrayed by all of the God's messengers... which placed jesus as one of the prophets,a messenger, as claimed & acknowledged in islam, by the true muslims..

and to say that jesus was different because Mary, jesus mother, where it was acknowledged in the holy Quran that she was the righteouswoman where she was even given a chapter (chapter 19) in the Holy Quran by her name, in arabic as Mariam, where Mary or Mariam was told that she'll be given a son although no men had ever touched her....

But in all,  the reason why Allah had made jesus birth as miracle, is to placed him to be one of the prophets..

During jesus teachings at that time, he never mentioned of him being the son of God or the   the God itself.

its just because of his good attributes, characterisrics, which was certainly rare at that time, together with his special existance had made people around to look up upon him and believe him to be the son of god or the god himself..

yet Allah Ta'ala has clearly responded to this by saying

'The Messiah,  son of Mary, was not but a messenger; other messengers have passed  on before him. His mother was a supporter of truth. They both used to eat food. Look at how God made clear to them His signs,yet they are deluded away from the truth'
(chapter 5,verse 75)..

The people who had lived with jesus, had known there will be another prophet after him..

but then, there are also whom tried to blinded the truth by tampering with the true source..
for the true book would have been inline with the quran..

wallahu'alam..only Allah knows best..

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