20 October 2012

alhamdulillah, end of this week, mark my secondment in SWG for 3 weeks..

to begin my working day, i would have to rise up early to take bath, pray, prepare 'bfast' or sahur, and dress up for work..

although it might seem tiring, yet, He, The All Knowing, will know how to motivate my day..as i go to my car in the darkness & silence of the night, when my gaze height up, it will make me smile... shiny stars splattering across the universe heaven high..  :)
a scene that i rarely get to see these days..

a few moments after my drive begins, with the morning supplication runs on the radio, i then see the glorious sunrise each morning.. Subhanallah.. that's another thing i've missed to view around here..

well, honesly, no matter how fast i think i tend to drive, i'll certainly took me 1 & 1/2 hour to reach my office there.. note that, work begins from 8am-5.30pm..

and the same goes on my way back home.. i'll tend to drive slower on the way back because of certain reasons.. i don't feel safe driving back as thee are lots of lorries and buses tearing up the highway, and lots of cars and vans on the road as well.. furthermore, as the road are wet by the splashing rain, it will be safer to drive below 10-20km/h or so of the speed limit.. (speed limit on PH is 110km/h) as i'm not in the urgent to push in the punch card, i don't feel the urgency to rush over back home..

nonetheless, when it does not rains, i'll get to enjoy the sun setting in..

so yeah, my day begin with seeing the sunrise and ended with enjoying it set back in..

may Allah protect each of my day to and back from house to work... 

-pen off
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