24 September 2012

a moment ago, i just heard a good analogy while driving back home..

each test we face can be symbolize like the vaccine that we take for certain diseases..

and all vaccines actually consist of bacteria or viruses that resemble the real disease, or the real disease but in a smaller dose..

and when one is vaccinated, the so called 'agents' put into the body system to fight against them and create a 'barrier' and prepare for the real virus to come and attack..

resembling this in our life, each test that we face is actually small.. and the tests are to prepare us to face a bigger test, that is to come..

so, whenever we face a test and manage to pass it through, just remember, the things we've learn from that test.. is a preparation to as future difficulties and test might need us to recall our 'experty' to face and with hold the barrier from letting through and crush us down..

well i hope, i do and able to recall if its needed in the future..

till then..

- pen-Off -
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