10 June 2012

Bitter gourds, or just simply plain bitters, as the name specify it, taste bitter..

As of it taste, i'm quite sorry it doesn't fit my fav. veges although they do indeed have many healthy benefits in consuming them..

Both of my parents like this bitter gourds, and we used to have the trees around the house..

I'm just felt it kind of funny as they, like the bitterness in the bitter gourds, but they dislike to eat Dark Chocolates..

I was totally on the opposite side here.. I like dark chocolates and i don't think there are bitter at all..

Perhaps it had lead me to be a fan of coffees before.. Though now, i will avoid taking them and whenever possible, just the decaf one.. as i like the smell of the coffee  ^_^

just to note it out, my consuming of the dark chocolates are rare.. perhaps once a week (just to finish the stock my dad bought), and i would certainly give other type of chocolates to other people when i was given one..


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