22 February 2012

recently I have a conversation with a person.. while on the news, it stated that the population of women is more than men

and when I remark on it “of course, as what the prophet once said. near the end of times, one of the signs is there will be more men than women in this world..”

“from Anas r.a., Rasulullah s.a.w. had once said, where it meant that one of the few signs of qiamat is the numerous women population where 1 men will be nominated by 50 women..” (not mention in the conversation)

and that person totally disagree with me and said…” Malaysian birth statistic showed that there are male babies born each year as compared to the females..”

and that person said, the only reason we seem to see many females around is because the guys as there grow, majority of them will choose to be either a drug addict or involving in illegal motor race..

though I said I agree with that statement, there is still no doubt that the qiamat or end of time is actually near..

unfortunately, this person, still showed it’s refusal to believe it..

hm.. is the refusal because of not wanting to prepare to face the death..?

or is it simply because refusing to be humble and bow down to Him..?

may Allah Ta'ala give us guidance in the way we think and act..
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