10 February 2012

fear - due to love Vs due to avoidance of Anger..

just to share what i heard of a short clipse on the radio on my way back home...

it refers to our fear to Allah Ta'ala..

there will certainly no doubt that whenever we are asked by any person in this world, do we fear Him, we will instantly say we do.. (if it never cross our mind that we fear Him, do note on how arrogant we are to Him)

the question is, is our fear to the All Mighty is because of our LOVE to Him, or is it because we are afraid of His Anger..?

there are actually differences between fearing because of Love and fearing because of afraid of being angered..

let take a simple example.. often in our parents, we will usually see that our parents play the bad and good cops role.. there don't usually be the good ones and bad ones simultaneously..
and usually, the mother role will take on the good cop role and the father will fall under the bad cop..

which give us a different kind of feelings in doing things to avoid either one's anger..

ádmit it, the one that we did to avoid our mum's anger has a different feelings in our heart compared to the one that we've done to avoid our dad's anger..

that goes the same to all our deeds and action to Allah, The All Mighty..

just a note to reflect ourselves there past years.. have we done everything because of our devoted, never ending  Love to Him.. or it is simply because we afraid of Him..

let re-think and react to what we feel the best of it..

-pen off-
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