27 February 2012

bacteria that made me smile :)

today after lunch, while i was sitting at my
place facing my desktop,and honestly, i was about
to fall asleep..

and suddenly, my mobile phone rang..

it surprised me as i thought who would have called be at
that hour.. as i rarely get any calls thru my cell @ office..
with exception from my mum..

it surprise me when i saw her name pop up as the caller..

when i answered it, only then i knew..

she just called me to tell about her 'bacteria' condition..
which has just died..
do note that my friend here is currently continuing her study
in biotechnology..
thus, the reason why she's cultivating bacteria..

though her called surprise me..
and it further surprise me, when she called to pour out
on her bacteria's state..
it actually made me smile this afternoon..
and certainly woke me up from my almost sleeping state..

well, i would just like to thank my friend here for the
and for the share here..

let not the distance part us..
hope our bond will stay on forever..

|| miss u and luv u my fwen || fillah ||

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