3 February 2011

the gift of 'replacement'..

Throughout the lifetime we've breath in the gift of air, there must be number of times when we wound some our body parts..let it be accidental or intentional..

And after a period of time.. let make it a day or a week.. months or years.. the sore damage has finally been replace..

Let take a simple example..

In one evening, when we were making our 1st time deep-fry cooking, the burning oil in the pan make a splash to our hands..
Because of the communication between the brain and the hand, we immediately put the burnt hand under the cool running water..
It look terrible from the burnt..

Yet later, after a week, the burnt skin start to 'shed'.. and it uncover a new 'reborn' skin.. (provided one let it shed on itself, and not forcing to shed by scalping it)..
And this 'reborn' skin is in fact display more beauty than the former..

How is this so..?

In science discovery, even without 'burning' our skin, we human actually shed new skin every hour..

The difference is that, the skin we shred every hour is a nature, on-going process.. but the skin we burnt, we force it to be replace..

And still, we'll be getting new skin for the things we make the skin to endure..

Okay, now back to the topic.. the gift of 'replacement'..

we must certainly wonder at least once in our life, "why does this happen to me..?"

yet, we forget, for each thing that we taken from us, we will be bestowed with a better gift that suits us..

as such of the skin.. when we accidently fell down and wound our knee, the scalp will then eventually be replace by a newer skin..
and each time we see the reborn skin, we'll remember what had happen that caused it to be as it now become.. and eventually will make us more careful in our daily routine..

example as in the prophet saw time, (something like this, correct me if there's a mistake) when a sick women asked rasulullah saw to pray to Allah to cure her sickness, rasulullah saw ask her back, "do you want to be cured now, or do you want your sins to be  forgiven in the day of judgement in the hereafter..?"

when the beauty of health is taken from her, He replaced it back with the beauty of Forgiveness..
forgiving  her sins in the hereafter to ease her for paradise which is forever.. wallhuálam..

that is what i called as the gift of replacement.. :)

-pen off-
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