24 January 2009


alhamdulillah.. All Praise and Glory is to the All Mighty, Allah S.W.T.

yesterday(23rd January 09) was the another Gaza rally in melbourne and it took place in front of the state library..Palestine

at first, it was thought to start at 5.00pm, so one here went rushing there (though its just the tram who's indeed do all the energy). and it then it was informed that it starts at 5.30pm..

it was an interesting, and inspiring rally, for those who stand and voice out for the palestinians are not only muslims, but it was by the non-muslims as well. and the most encouraging and spiritful was the 'mc' which one think is not even a muslim..allahu'alam

there were several figures came to speech out the real situation in Gaza and what can we do to support them. one is a palestinian, another is the president of the Victoria islamic council and the other was someone who's worked at the hospital in Gaza (i think).. and a few others which i cant recall from where they came.

one of the thing i remembered the most is when the Palestinian guy said he called his friends and relatives back at the palestine to checked on them, and it was told that they answered to him "We are alive, but we are not living..".

though it was announced to the world that the terrorism on the palestinians has stop, but in real, the war will never stop.

it was really inspiring and touching to learn that though the palestinians suffer terribly there, but they still stand up strong without an inch of backing down.

before the rally really start, it could be seen donations are being collected. some were done through the sales of 'book' about palestine, zionism, nakkbah.. and few others. there were also sales on badges, t-shirts and flags, all indication of the support on palestine.

my friend here, ukht N, went with a poster of Palestine that was from 07'.
i guess because it was different from others, several people took the picture of the poster.

and the rally ended with marching accross swanston st. though we did not join we need to perform our salat first..

an experience i hope not to forget ever..

Some of the desert Arabs Look upon their payments as a fine, and watch for disasters for you: on them be the disaster of Evil: for Allah is He who heareth and knoweth (all things).

But some of the desert Arabs believe in Allah and the Last Day, and look on their payments as pious gifts bringing them nearer to Allah and obtaining the prayers of the Messenger. Aye, indeed they bring them nearer (to Him): soon will Allah admit them to His Mercy: for Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.


one think the palestinians took this promise of Allah..
value of their work are all back to their own perceptions..
they see it the other way than we do, and that is why there are there and one not
cause one for surely would have break down if it was one in their shoes..

yet there's still time to improve..
we are the one who'll prevail hows our life gonna be..
as mentioned before what Imam Hasan al-Banna once said..
"we are what we think of.."
that is how our minds are colored..
till then..
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