28 January 2009



all praise to the Ever Merciful, Ever Generous.. Allah S.W.T..

today just finish my stats paper.. and for the first time after a long period(i think),
i actually answered this paper with a smile..
not that the paper is easy.. (certainly not)..
its the reassurance the He put down in my heart throughout the exam..
in during the exam (3hours), i kept on saying to myself, 'if anyone's looking at me rite now, they must be thinking im out of my mind..'

but i still could'nt stop smiling.. and im really grateful to Allah for His gift..
and because of this, i planned to take another subject paper which has 2 units..
1 will be 2morow, and the other will b on this coming monday..
though i have not prepared at all for this subject, but i dont mind, i'll try my best in it..
to Allah belong in the heavens and the earth..
and to Allah belong any success n failure..

[past years papers are on the web Smile]
-study mode- fillah-
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