23 January 2009

are we ignorant..?

Are we among those who are ignorant?
Who is an ignorant person anyway?

Ignorant is usually defined as one who's lack from knowledge and education.

In a different perspective, the Qur'an define someone as an ignorant person are those who are unaware the reason of one existance, creation onto this world. Heedless in the existance of the Creator and His exalted attributes. Deny the truth in the Books (kitabullah), which Al-Quran is the only one left without being altered and true. And doesn't believe in the live Hereafter.

Though one would say, 'i do believe in God'. but the writer here have to ask, 'do you believe there's only One Lord, All Mighty Allah and no other.. ?"
If one answered 'no', then the writer here can only ask one to refind back, search the truth. The writer can only remind and keep reminding, but it is Him who control the hearts of each living soul. May Allah show you the true way, giving you the light of Guidance.

The prophets before Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have tried without giving up, to bring back people to the true path, true faith. To name a few, Moses a.s., David a.s., Isaac a.s., Jesus a.s, Ismail a.s, Jacob a.s., Abraham a.s. .. for hundreds of years tried to bring back the people the are sent for to the real faith, to submit to the only on Creator. Allah S.W.T.
Yet, although some prophet manage to invite majority of people to the true fatith, couple generations after the prophet death, they turn back again from the true faith. And to some prophets, some even totaly ignore the invitations. The ignorance of these people are being describe in the Quran..

In surah(chapter) al-Ahqaf(46), verse (ayah) 21-25, part of the conversation that had once been taken place between the dibelievers and the messenger of Allah:

And mention, the brother of 'Aad(prophet Hud a.s.), when he warned his people in the region of al-ahqaf - and warners had already passed on before him and after him -[saying], "Do not worship except Allah. Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a terrible day. (verse 21)

'They said: " Have you come to us to divert us from our gods? Bring us what you have promised if you should be truthful". (verse 22)
He(the messenger) said, " All knowledge is with Allah. I only transmit to you what i have been sent with. But i see you are the people of ignorant'. (verse 23)
And when they saw a cloud approaching their valleys, they (the ignorance) said, " This is a cloud bringing us rain!". Rather it is that for which you are impatient (when u challenged the prophet), a wind within it is a painful punishment. (verse 24).

Destroying everything by command of its Lord. And they become so that nothing was seen (of them) except their dwellings. Thus do We recompense the criminal people. (verse 25)

And the further verses that follows, Allah describe how terrible was the punishment that He put upon these people.

For sure, one would then say, 'i'm have already found the true path, as no dwellings, have been lain upon me and my people around me'.

Allah has promised that for the last generations of human kind (our generations following the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)), that He will delay all severe punishments to the act of sins and ignorance of the people. For He's giving chance for us to come back to the true path, true faith. to Him.

So, let takes the chance He's giving us to find, to seek the truth.

As a humble, writer here, i'm inviting you to search for it. No harm can done.
For those who really seeks the truth, He will lay upon you the pathway to it...
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